HSD Procurement Library:

Self-Directed Home and Community Based Services (SDHCBS)

2018 Employee Payroll Payment Schedule
2018 Vendor Payment Schedule
EA Employment Agreement
Employee Packet
VA Vendor Agreement
Vendor Packet
W-9 Form and Instructions

Business Transformation Council Journeys

Client Benefit Management and Care Coordination 14 FS
Client Eligibility Enrollment Transition 14 FS
Client_Escalation & Inquiry Mgmt 14 FS
Ext Partner Rule Promulgation NMAC 14 FS
MCO Reporting 14 FS
MCO Ride Along_14 FS
Provider Enrollment 14 FS
Staff Process Development Training 14
Staff Process Development Training FS
Staff Small Purchase Contract Management 14 FS

Procedure Manuals

Call Center Procedure Manual
Claims Processing Procedure Manual 01-25-17
Data Entry Guidelines Rev 4.0.0
Data Entry Procedure Manual
DRAMS Drug Rebate Policies V 6.1~FINAL
Enrollment Procedure Manual
ISD Client Service Center Manual Procedures
Mi Via Call Center Procedure Manual
SLR_Procedures Manual_11-14-17


CSED Call Center Reports 2018 (Compressed File)
ISD & other MAD programs 2018-09 to 11 Avaya Monthly Metrics Rpt - 2 12.3.18
ISD 2018 Call Center Annual Report
ISD CSR Scripts - HSD Conduent Announcements Edd 1 4 18
ISD Daily-Weekly-Monthly All 2018
MAD & ISD -CSC PR Program Daily & hourly Interval Reports 10 to 12 2018
MAD - CSR scripts & help manuals
MAD - Provider Help Report 2018 CRN Report - State Request
MAD 2016 Avaya Monthly Metrics Rpt
MAD 2017 Avaya Monthly Metrics Rpt
MAD 2018 Avaya Monthly Metrics Rpt
MAD Call Categories - Conduent Recipient Call Center 12-29-2018
MAD Fax totals
MAD Mail handling Totals
MAD Training requirements

HHS 2020 RFP Addendums

1 - HHS 2020 Roles and Responsibilities
2 - HHS 2020 Background Information NM HHS and Medicaid
3 - HHS 2020 Work Flows
4 - HHS 2020 Stakeholder Relationship Diagrams
5 - HHS 2020 User Views
6 - HHS 2020 Data Flows
7 - HHS 2020 Acronyms
8 - HHS 2020 Terms and Definitions
9 - HHS 2020 MMIS Activity Data
10 - HHS 2020 CMS Seven Conditions and Standards
11 - HHS 2020 Overview of the NM Medicaid Program
12 - HHS 2020 Legacy MMIS Interfaces
13 - HHS 2020 Data Needs for Reporting
14 - HHS 2020 Security Privacy and Standards
15 - HHS 2020 Omnicaid Turnover Plan
16 - HHS 2020 Legacy Enterprise Partner Interfaces
17 - HHS 2020 Process Views
18 - HHS 2020 MITA Business Area to Module Update 11/26
21 - HHS 2020 Security Operational Guidelines
22 - HHS 2020 Recovery Data
23 - HHS 2020 DOH Documentation
24 - HHS 2020 CYFD Documentation

MMISR MITA 3.0 Self Assessment


XEROX Information

XEROX 00 DSD Table Of Contents
XEROX 01D-Introduction
XEROX 03D-Provider 1narr
XEROX 03D-Provider 2wind
XEROX 03D-Provider 3rept
XEROX 03D-Provider 4intf
XEROX 03D-Provider 5exhb
XEROX 04D- Client 1narr
XEROX 04D- Client 2wind
XEROX 04D- Client 3rept
XEROX 04D- Client 4intf
XEROX 04D- Client 5exhb-A
XEROX 04D- Client 5exhb-B
XEROX 04D- Client 5exhb-C
XEROX 04D- Client 5exhb-D
XEROX 04D- Client 6sysflow-A
XEROX 06D-Reference 1narr
XEROX 06D-Reference 2wind-A
XEROX 06D-Reference 2wind-B
XEROX 06D-Reference 2wind-C
XEROX 06D-Reference 3rept
XEROX 06D-Reference 4intf
XEROX 06D-Reference 5exhb
XEROX 06D-Reference 6sysflow
XEROX 07D-Prior Authorization 1narr
XEROX 07D-Prior Authorization 2wind
XEROX 07D-Prior Authorization 3rept
XEROX 07D-Prior Authorization 4intf
XEROX 07D-Prior Authorization 5exhb
XEROX 07D-Prior Authorization 6sysflow
XEROX 08D-EMC and OCR 1narr
XEROX 08D-EMC and OCR 2wind
XEROX 08D-EMC and OCR 3rept
XEROX 08D-EMC and OCR 4intf
XEROX 08D-EMC and OCR 5exhb
XEROX 08D-EMC and OCR 6sysflow
XEROX 09D-Claims Entry 1narr
XEROX 09D-Claims Entry 2wind-A
XEROX 09D-Claims Entry 2wind-B
XEROX 09D-Claims Entry 3rept
XEROX 09D-Claims Entry 4intf
XEROX 09D-Claims Entry 5exhb
XEROX 09D-Claims Entry 6sysflow
XEROX 10D-Claims Pricing and Adjudication 1narr
XEROX 10D-Claims Pricing and Adjudication 2wind
XEROX 10D-Claims Pricing and Adjudication 3rept
XEROX 10D-Claims Pricing and Adjudication 4intf
XEROX 10D-Claims Pricing and Adjudication 5exhb-A
XEROX 10D-Claims Pricing and Adjudication 5exhb-B
XEROX 10D-Claims Pricing and Adjudication 5exhb-C
XEROX 10D-Claims Pricing and Adjudication 5exhb-D
XEROX 10D-Claims Pricing and Adjudication 6sysflow
XEROX 11D-Claims Payment and Reporting 1narr
XEROX 11D-Claims Payment and Reporting 2wind
XEROX 11D-Claims Payment and Reporting 3rept
XEROX 11D-Claims Payment and Reporting 4intf
XEROX 11D-Claims Payment and Reporting 5exhb
XEROX 11D-Claims Payment and Reporting 6sysflow
XEROX 12D-TPL 1narr
XEROX 12D-TPL 2wind
XEROX 12D-TPL 3rept
XEROX 12D-TPL 5exhb
XEROX 14D-Managed Care 1narr
XEROX 14D-Managed Care 2wind
XEROX 14D-Managed Care 3rept
XEROX 14D-Managed Care 4intf
XEROX 15D-Financial 1narr
XEROX 15D-Financial 2wind
XEROX 15D-Financial 3rept
XEROX 15D-Financial 4intf
XEROX 15D-Financial 5exhb-A
XEROX 15D-Financial 5exhb-B
XEROX 16D-Internal Interfaces 1narr
XEROX 16D-Internal Interfaces 2wind
XEROX 16D-Internal Interfaces 3rept
XEROX 16D-Internal Interfaces 4intf-A
XEROX 16D-Internal Interfaces 4intf-B
XEROX 16D-Internal Interfaces 5exhb
XEROX 19 CPAS 19D-1narr
XEROX 19 CPAS 19D-2wind
XEROX 19 CPAS 19D-3rept
XEROX 19 CPAS 19D-4intf
XEROX 19 CPAS 19D-5exhb
XEROX 19 CPAS 19D-6sysflow
XEROX 28 MEC 28D-1narr
XEROX 99D-Appendix1
XEROX 99D-Appendix2
XEROX 99D-Appendix3
XEROX 99D-Appendix4
XEROX CMS-64 Reporting 24D-1narr
XEROX CMS-64 Reporting 24D-2wind
XEROX CMS-64 Reporting 24D-3rept
XEROX CMS-64 Reporting 24D-4intf
XEROX CMS-64 Reporting 24D-5exhb-A
XEROX CMS-64 Reporting 24D-5exhb-B
XEROX CMS-64 Reporting 24D-6sysflow
XEROX EPSDT 21D-6sysflow
XEROX MEQC 20D-1narr
XEROX MEQC 20D-2wind
XEROX MEQC 20D-3rept
XEROX MEQC 20D-4intf
XEROX MEQC 20D-5exhb
XEROX MEQC 20D-6sysflow
XEROX Paid Claims Recovery 20D-1narr
XEROX Paid Claims Recovery 20D-2wind
XEROX Paid Claims Recovery 20D-3rept
XEROX Paid Claims Recovery 20D-4intf
XEROX Paid Claims Recovery 20D-5exhb
XEROX Paid Claims Recovery 20D-6sysflow
XEROX SysDoc Final Transmittal Memo